Font Awesome Pro v5.14.0 (Desktop + Web)

Font Awesome Pro v5.14.0

Font Awesome Pro is designed to be used with inline elements, and we recommend sticking with a consistent HTML element to reference them by in your project. We like the <i> tag for brevity and because most folks use <em></em> for emphasized/italicized semantic text these days. If that’s not your cup of tea, using a <span> is more semantically correct.

Font Awesome icons can be used on the desktop. Add icons to your design mockups, presentations, and elsewhere. We’ve tried to make it super easy with our new ligature-based font files. And for the times where you need more, we’ve included polished vector SVG versions of each icon separately.

Font Awesome Icons + Your Project’s Styling

Font Awesome icons automatically inherit CSS size and color (as seen in the examples below). This means they blend in with text inline wherever you put them. Font Awesome tries not to be too opinionated, and sets just the basic styling rules icons needed to render properly in context.

Download Font Awesome Pro v5.14.0

Changelog: Font Awesome Pro – Version 5.14.0 – 2020-07-15


  • Corrected rendering issue with the tripadvisor brand icon in Windows 10 FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#16817
  • Corrected unicode values that were outside the Unicode Private Use Area (PUA) FortAwesome/Font-Awesome#16804

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