Elementor Pro v3.0.0 Pro & Elementor v3.0.0 + Elementor Templates Kit

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Elementor Pro v3.0.0 Pro & Elementor v3.0.0 – WordPress Plugin is a brand new website builder plugin for WordPress. If you want to give your WordPress website and its content a custom design, then a page builder tool is often the best option.

However, with so many page builder plugins available for WordPress, which one should you choose? In this Elementor Pro review, we’ll provide you with all the information needed to decide whether this is the best WordPress page builder plugin for you or if you should look elsewhere.

Why Use a WordPress Page Builder?

Elementor Pro v3.0.0 Pro & Elementor v3.0.0 – WordPress Plugin is a newly released commercial WordPress plugin that can be used to add a drag-and-drop page builder to your website, no matter what theme you’re using. Elementor has been created by the Pojo Themes team. As well as themes, the team has created 12 WordPress plugins, including the popular free version of this page builder plugin, Elementor.

After a recent update, it’s now possible to use Elementor to customize the header, footer, and other areas of your website with the Theme Builder feature. You’re now no longer limited to creating custom post and page designs with this plugin.

Although Elementor Pro is a new plugin, the free version has been available since June 2016. This has given the team plenty of time to test and perfect its basic functionality before releasing the more powerful commercial Pro version.

Elementor Pro v3.0.0 Pro & Elementor v3.0.0 – WordPress Plugin also gives you the option of saving your elements as global widgets. You can then reuse those global widgets throughout your site, edit them once, and see your changes applied to every instance of the widget instantly. This can be a real time saver if you want to add the same custom element to multiple pages or areas on your site.

Elementor Pro Features

Another key feature of Elementor Pro v3.0.0 Pro & Elementor v3.0.0 – WordPress Plugin is its elements. These elements work like traditional WordPress widgets, except they can be inserted into your page designs and customized through the Elementor Pro page builder. Giving you a quick way to upgrade your content, the Elementor Pro v3.0.0 Pro & Elementor v3.0.0 – WordPress Plugin elements include counters, Google Maps, image carousels, icon boxes, and plenty more.

  • Display your templates in the sidebars and other areas of your site
  • Full WooCommerce support for creating custom ecommerce stores
  • Built-in slider tool
  • Edit forms through the live editor
  • Create global color palettes and font libraries for site-wide consistency
  • Over 600 Google Fonts to work with
  • Detailed mobile responsive controls and settings
  • Multilingual and RTL text support
  • Add custom CSS to page designs
  • Detailed documentation with tutorial videos

However, you aren’t limited to the elements included with this page builder. Any of the widgets that come with WordPress, as well as those added to your site via third party plugins, can be inserted into your page designs with Elementor Pro v3.0.0 Pro & Elementor v3.0.0 – WordPress Plugin This opens up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to adding content to your designs and creating effective pages.

Using the Theme Builder to create a dynamic template for your blog is also an option. Thanks to this, you can decide which content is displayed on your blog archive pages. This could include displaying the title of each blog post and an excerpt of the content, or instead, displaying the featured image and the full blog post content. As Elementor Pro v2.10.3 Pro & Elementor v2.9.14 – WordPress Plugin now has a set of dynamic widgets, you can drag and drop an element onto the layout that will, for example, display the post info and the author.

Download Elementor Pro v3.0.0 Pro & Elementor v3.0.0 – WordPress Plugin

Elementor Templates Kit

Install Instructions:

  • Extract/Overwrite both elementor and elementor-pro folders.
  • For free templates to work you need to create and sign into a free elementor account first.
  • Dont Update Free Version from WordPress Server.

Changelog: Elementor Pro v3.0.0 Pro (2020-08-23)

  • New: Introducing the new and improved Theme Builder
  • Tweak: Removed .elementor-inner and .elementor-column-wrap from DOM output to improve performance (#7351, #7817, Developers Blog Post)
  • Tweak: Added contextual anchors ID support to Table of Contents widgets (#10052)
  • Tweak: Added WeChat and Weibo social networks to Share Buttons widget (#11554)
  • Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities for Redirect after Login/Logout in Login widget (#11343)
  • Tweak: Added Blend Mode and CSS Filters controls to adjust the Background Overlay in Flipbox widget (#11653)
  • Tweak: Added responsive capabilities to Toggle Button styling in Nav Menu widget (#8269)
  • Tweak: Added responsive Text Alignment control in Call to Action widget (#11968)
  • Tweak: Added dynamic content to Ribbon element in Call to Action widget (#10364)
  • Tweak: Converted uses of Color and Typography Schemes to Global Colors and Fonts
  • Tweak: Separated Title and Description control fields labels in Call to Action widget
  • Tweak: Removed unnecessary style in WC Product with variations
  • Tweak: Converted Portfolio, Posts and Share Buttons widgets to use CSS Variable-based Elementor Grid (Developers Blog Post)
  • Tweak: Added Date Modified option to Posts widget metadata
  • Fix: PHP 7.4 compatibility to Media Carousel widget (#11355)
  • Fix: Divider alignment issue in Post Info widget (#11628)
  • Fix: Color doesn’t change in Products Archive Description widget
  • Fix: WC Product variations layout breaks when using Variation Swatches plugin
  • Fix: WC Product variations layout issue
  • Fix: WC Product variations mobile zoom-in glitch
  • Fix: Can’t edit a Popup after accessing Theme Style
  • Fix: Twitter icon missing in Blockquote widget
  • Fix: Removed redundant default text color from Share Buttons minimal skin
  • Fix: UI glitch in Display Conditions modal
  • Fix: Insert template button UI glitch in Templates Library
  • Fix: Added sanitization to post titles in WordPress dashboard for better security
  • Fix: Show when arriving from search engines rule doesn’t work in Popup
  • Fix: Child categories are shown with a different parent category in Query control
  • Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our Developers Deprecations Post

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