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Changelog: Slider Revolution РVersion 6.2.12 (6th June 2020)


  • Fixed a bug that leads to broken post based sliders

Version 6.2.11 (6th June 2020)

New Features

  • Added an option to ignore mobile browser height changes based on scrolls. The urlbar and toolbar do disappear based on scroll, which would resize the fullscreen sliders. Set per module if you wish to ignore these behaviour of the mobile browser. This option is enabled by default


  • Video poster will show up if video has not started and the video has been resetted (just like coming from another slide) even if “Show Poster on Pause” is not selected
  • Video timeline now can be dragged even if “Show Poster on Pause” is selected, which is showing up with delay in this case if needed
  • Video click will now honor original clicks and start/play videos correctly
  • Fixed HTML5 video fullscreen playback on IE11
  • Fixed JavasScript error if an Essential Grid exists on the page and the Slider tries to recall Essential Grid’s refreshing method
  • Fixed an issue where the loading of modules with ajax, removing them (with or without revkill method) and readding them to a later point in time did not start the modules correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the excerpt limit for WooCommerce was not correct
  • Fixed an issue where the alt for slide images was not written if it was empty
  • Fixed an issue where AddOn downloads showed up as success and after reload the AddOn is not installed
  • Fixed an issue not displaying photos from a Facebook albums
  • Fixed a bug where static layers with custom animations may do not appear in certain situations
  • Panorama Addon 2.1.2: Added support for external images


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