WP Rocket – Caching Plugin for WordPress

WP Rocket v3.5.3 Wordpress Plugin

WP Rocket – Helps enhance web page loading velocity and cut back server load. A excessive obtain velocity, in flip, reduces the bounce price, will increase conversion and contributes to a rise within the place of Google. It has lengthy been recognized that this issue is taken into account probably the most vital when rating.
Minimal Configuration, Speedy Outcomes

Don’t waste your time combating complicated plugin settings. WP Rocket launches upon activation.

Simplicity & Speed.

Web page Caching
Caching creates an ultra-fast load time, important for bettering Search Engine Optimization and growing conversions. Once you activate WP Rocket, web page caching is straight away activated.

Cache Preloading
As a result of our crawler simulates a go to to preload the cache, the indexing of your web site by engines like google is immediately improved.

Static Recordsdata Compression
WP Rocket reduces the burden of your HTML, JavaScript and CSS recordsdata via minification. Lighter recordsdata means quicker load time!

Photos on Request
Photos are loaded solely as your customer scrolls down the web page, bettering the load time of the web page. YouTube, Fb, Yahoo and different main web sites are utilizing this method. Now yours can too.

Developer Pleasant
WP Rocket’s code is developed based on WordPress greatest practices. It’s clear, commented and has a great deal of hooks so builders can simply make superior customization.

Download WP Rocket v3.5 WordPress Caching SEO Plugin Updated

Changelog: WP Rocket – Version 3.5

  • New feature: RocketCDN. Our brand-new CDN offering that is optimized for WordPress and ready for one-click integration.
  • New feature: Remove jQuery migrate. Helps improve loading time by removing the jQuery migrate script that is not needed if your theme and plugins are using the latest version of jQuery.
  • Enhancement: Preload the mobile version of the pages when the specific cache for mobile option is enabled.
  • Enhancement: Delete licence-data.php file after licence validation. Prevents license theft by anyone with access to FTP.
  • Enhancement: Varnish add-on rewrite & improvements.
  • Enhancement: Cloudflare add-on rewrite & improvements.
  • Enhancement: Stop clearing the whole cache on user creation/update/deletion. Now clear the user cache specifically on update/delete if the user cache option is enabled.
  • Enhancement: A custom path can now be defined for the WP Rocket config file.
  • Enhancement: Improve backend performance by removing unnecessary database queries.
  • Enhancement: Add data-skip-lazy and skip-lazy class to lazyload exclusions list as part of the interoperability initiative between lazyload plugins.
  • Fix: Prevent race condition on cache file when multiple servers share the same filesystem.
  • Fix: Correctly rewrite assets to CDN URL in critical path CSS when the CDN is active.
  • Fix: Add additional exclusions from critical path CSS generation.
  • Fix: Add additional exclusions from combine JavaScript.
  • Fix: CSS minification now correctly works with multiple calc().
  • Fix: Wrong final path when the original paths contains current directory indicator during CSS minification/cache busting.
  • Fix: Correctly add the rocket-lazyload class when the class attribute is empty on an element with a background image during lazyloading.
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable lazyload from the lazyload feature plugin when our images lazyload is enabled.

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